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Team Building Courses Dublin

Build a Strong, Productive Team Through Training

Team building is a course that works best when delivered exclusively to one team, and when tailored to address priorities and challenges of the team. This is why we offer team building for in-company bookings only. We can deliver in-company team building training in any Dublin location.

Holding a team building workshop in your company will not only increase inter-team communication and productivity, but it will boost your team's morale and motivation.

  • Why Choose In-Company Training?
  • Public Course Options

A Training Solution Customised for Your Team

In-company training is a wise choice to help any team improve motivation, and gel well as a group. Our 2-day team building workshop is designed to deliver skills and knowledge through practical learning, group exercises, and discussion.

  • Boost your team's morale

    We often see an increase in enthusiasm and energy from groups who participate in our team building workshop.
  • Your choice of date and location

    We come to your Dublin location to deliver training, on a date that works in harmony with your team's schedule.
  • Better Communication

    A core objective of this workshop is to develop your team's communication skills so that they can work together to get best results, remain consistently productive, and solve any problems that crop up.
  • Save both Time and Money:

    Train your entire team in just 2 days, and save costs on the potential price for sending each team member on a public course.

Develop your Team Building Skills through Management Training

If you are a team leader, supervisor, or manager, and would like to work on team building in the longer term, we recommend you attend one of the management courses below. All of these courses run throughout the year in our Dublin training locations.

QQI Managing People Course

Management Training with QQI Certification - Duration: 3 Days

Our QQI certified Managing People course takes an in-depth look at the skills required by successful managers in today's fast-paced world. Over 3 days, you'll learn to identify your management style, build on your strengths, and address any gaps in knowledge you may have.
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Management Training Course

Management Skills for any Environment - Duration: 2 Days

We often call this course a "clear and practical guide to management" because that's exactly what you'll get when you attend our 2-day Management Training course. This course is suited to managers of all levels, including those who have not made the move into a management role.
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Communication Skills

Communicate with Clarity and Impact - 2 Days

Effective communication lies at the heart of successful management. Our Communication Skills workshop is popular with managers of all levels, as we cover essential tools, such as listening and questioning skills, assertiveness, and clear communication skills.
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