Digital Marketing Courses

Our Digital Marketing Courses are for anyone who wants to understand how digital marketing works and become familiar with the different digital marketing channels available. We run our digital marketing courses as taliored, in-company programmes.

You can choose to focus on a particular channel - Social Media, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or Google Adwords & Analytics. Alternatively, by combining these elements, you can complete our Professional Development Digital Marketing Certificate.

Our Digital Marketing Courses

Digital Marketing Course
This Digital Marketing Course will equip you with the knowledge to successfully use the internet to further your business
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SEO Training Course
This SEO Training Course will teach you how to get ranked by Google and other search engines.
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Social Media Course
This Social Media Marketing Course will teach you how to connect with customers and build relationships through social networking.
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Social Media Workshop
This Social Media Workshop will show you how to develop a successful social media strategy.
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Google Adwords and Analytics Course
This Google Adwords Course will teach you how to use pay per click advertising to your advantage.
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  • Learning Outcomes
  • Why is Digital Marketing Important?
  • Who Attends?

Learning Outcomes: Digital Marketing Courses

  • Understand

    Learn how digital marketing and its various channels can be used effectively in any business.
  • Evaluate

    Evaluate different channels to decide which are most effective for your project or organisation.
  • Become Familiar

    Get familiar with digital marketing terminology and resources available to every digital marketer.
  • Gain Confidence

    Feel confident applying and continuing to develop the skills you have gained during our digital marketing course.

Why is Digital Marketing Important?

Digital Marketing is rapidly becoming the most powerful form of marketing worldwide.

It's a form of marketing that applies to every business, and can be tailored and maximised to target specific customer groups. Another major advantage of digital marketing is the ability to monitor the success rate of every campaign and adjust details based on this information.

Used correctly, digital marketing has the potential to save money, develop your brand and in short, transform the way you do business.

Learn about our Digital Marketing Certificate:

Digital Marketing Certificate

Who Attends Our Digital Marketing Coursdes?

We recommend these Digital Marketing Courses for:

  • Anyone who wants to gain an understanding of how digital marketing works
  • Business owners and directors interested in harnessing the power of digital marketing in their own organisation
  • Anyone who manages their company's social media activities

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