5 Benefits of Project Management Certification

Essential for all Project Managers

Completing training and achieving certification in project management is critical to developing your skills and commanding respect as a project manager.

We've given you 5 major benefits of achieving project management certification below.

It can be challenging selecting the right certification to match your experience and working environment. You can download our complete guide to choosing a project management course by downloading our guide.

5 Benefits of Project Management Certification

Flexible Skills and Flexible Ability

1. Flexible Skills = Flexible Ability

Our project management courses teach skills and methodologies that can be adapted to any project, in every sector. This gives your project management skills greater versatility and helps put your career on the map.

Achieve More

2. Achieve More

By utilising tried-and-trusted frameworks developed by international certifying bodies, such as the Project Management Institute, Inc. (PMI)®, you will achieve more consistent results.

Gain Respect and Credibility

3. Gain Respect and Credibility

Achieving a recognised certification consolidates your level of skill and competency with potential employers or clients.

Longevity and Progression

4. Longevity and Progression

Any thriving career needs continuous professional and personal development. Certification paths enable this progression.

Increased Earning Potential

5. Increased Earning Potential

Certified project managers consistently earn more than non-certified project managers.

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