PRINCE2® Project Management

PRINCE2® project management is one of the world’s most widely utilised methodologies.

It is a structured, yet flexible approach to managing projects that can be adapted to suit almost any project environment.

You can browse through helpful resources below or download our Essential Guide to PRINCE2® for a more in-depth look at this methodology.

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Why PRINCE2® Project Management?

There are many reasons for PRINCE2®’s global popularity. It can be scaled and customised to suit almost any project. It provides a reliable structure for running efficient projects. It is compatible with other methods, including Agile.
Choosing to achieve PRINCE2® certification is a wise choice for any project manager’s career development. You can learn more about the flexible certification options we offer below.

PRINCE2® Training for Teams

If you would like to begin introducing PRINCE2® project management in your organisation, our tailored, in-company approach offers an ideal solution.

We will deliver a programme customised specifically for your business to your team.

Choose the dates and training style that suits best for a completely convenient PRINCE2® certification option.

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PRINCE2 project management for teams
PRINCE2 Project Management - Get the Guide

What is PRINCE2® Project Management?

This detailed article gives you a solid understanding of the origins, characteristics, and benefits of PRINCE2® project management.

It also provides you with further reading resources and the opportunity to download our complete PDF guide to PRINCE2®.

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Which is better, PRINCE2® or PMP®?

“PMP® vs PRINCE2®” is one of the hottest topics in project management.

This 3-minute article aims to give you the important stats you need when deciding between the two international certifications.

We look at 7 important factors to consider when choosing between a PRINCE2® certification and a PMP® credential.

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Is PRINCE2 Worth it?

Is PRINCE2® worth it?

Another very frequently-asked question – “is PRINCE2® worth doing?”.

It probably won’t surprise you that our answer is a resounding “yes”, but this short article outlines why we believe it is so worthwhile.

We give you the facts and figures that underline the methodology's value to project managers in every area of business.

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How does PRINCE2® work?

When deciding on whether PRINCE2® is the right methodology for your work and career progression, it’s helpful to understand the nuts and bolts of the framework.

We have created this article as an introduction for anyone who wants to get a sense of the framework's 7 Principles, 7 Themes, and 7 Processes.

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How does PRINCE2 work?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, absolutely. PRINCE2® is one of the most widely-utilised project management frameworks in the world.

You can read the reasons why it is a very worthwhile choice for your professional development in our short article, “Is PRINCE2® worth it?”.

This is a very commonly-asked question as both are extremely well-respected certifications.

The answer is that there isn’t a “better” certification overall, only what’s best for your career development right now.

Our detailed article, “PRINCE2® vs PMP® offers helpful insights into choosing the best option for your training.

The PRINCE2® framework hangs on 7 principles, 7 themes, and 7 processes. These are the pillars that make the whole methodology work.

The 7 processes dictate how the project should be carried out.

You can read more about the 7 principles, themes, and processes in our article, “How does PRINCE2® work?”.

PRINCE2® is certainly one of the best frameworks available to project managers as it is so reliable, recognisable, and adaptable.

It can be customised to benefit many different kinds of projects and scaled to handle projects of any size.

What’s more, it is so widely utilised that it has become one of the essential certifications sought out by career project managers.

A PRINCE2® course will seek to provide you with a solid understanding of how the methodology works and to begin preparing you for your exams.

Each different certification – Foundation, Practitioner, Agile – has a different syllabus, focusing on its own aspect of the framework.

To learn more about what’s involved in each course, we recommend browsing the courses above or downloading our complete guide to PRINCE2®.

You can achieve PRINCE2® certification through training, study, and certification.

Getting PRINCE2® certified has a short timeline, making it one of the more accessible project management qualifications on the market.

Although the timeframe is short, there is plenty of exam preparation and study to cover in order to pass your exams first time.

We recommend keeping your evenings during training as free as possible in order to revise and stay focused on the course material.

The cost of PRINCE2® training and certification varies between training providers.

You can view the cost for each of our PRINCE2® courses by clicking on your preferred course above. The listed cost includes:

  • live, tutor-led sessions with experienced PRINCE2® trainers
  • supportive course materials (including tips, diagrams, sample Q&A)
  • online exam costs
  • certification

Each PRINCE2® exam is challenging, as is expected for established accreditations.

However, with focus and preparation, passing on your first attempt is certainly achievable. We see very high pass rates for our students.

On average, project managers with respected certifications like PRINCE2® make more than those without.

Our last project manager salary research placed the average salary for a Dublin-based project manager at €60K (in July 2021).

We recommend taking some time to research the area in which you are working / would like to work to find an estimate for your potential salary.

As the use of PRINCE2® is often mandated in large and semi-state organisations in Ireland, it a wise choice for anyone seeking a certification to boost their earnings potential.

It would be easy for us to answer that we believe our courses are the best online offering.

However, we know that the real answer is that the best PRINCE2® course is the one that is best suited to your needs.

When researching, we encourage you to look for the following qualities in a course and training provider:

  1. Credibility:

    Choose a provider with a proven track record in delivering PRINCE2® courses, preferably a PeopleCert ATO (Accredited Training Organisation).

  2. Suitability:

    Review the training style for your online course choice. There are some self-led (e-learning) and some trainer-led (virtual classroom) options available. Think about which approach will give you the very best chance of confidence with PRINCE2® and exam success.

  3. Inclusivity:

    It helps to go with a provider that includes your exam and certification as this will make scheduling and sitting your exam an easier process.

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