Already Have Train the Trainer?

Do you already have a Train the Trainer?

Published, 9th August 2022

We have trained and certified more students in Training Delivery & Evaluation (aka Train the Trainer) than in any other course in the past 5 years.

It’s a hugely popular – and extremely beneficial – certification for anyone who wants to become a trainer or who trains others as part of another role.

If you have achieved Training Delivery & Evaluation, what’s your next step?

The next natural step in your skill and knowledge development is QQI Training Needs Identification & Design.

Although its sister course, Training Delivery & Evaluation gets most of the attention, the 3-day Training Needs Identification & Design is a very important Train the Trainer course in its own right.

Don’t have Training Delivery & Evaluation?

No problem; we run this course at least once a month.

You can learn more about Training Delivery & Evaluation over at the course page. If you would like to talk to us about Train the Trainer courses, you can reach us using the "Ask a Question" button below.

What is Training Needs Identification & Design?

If you have completed Training Delivery & Evaluation, you will be familiar with the Training Cycle. It is comprised of 4 essential steps for providing an effective training experience.

As its name suggests, Training Delivery & Evaluation is keenly focused on the third and fourth steps of the cycle: delivering and evaluating training.

Attending Training Needs Identification & Design enables you to complete the cycle, mastering steps 1 & 2:

These initial stages are crucial for trainers who want to achieve the best from their training sessions.

The Training Cycle

3 Reasons to Achieve Training Needs Identification & Design

1. Expand What's Possible

1. Expand what’s possible for your training career

If you can only deliver pre-designed training, you automatically reduce the number of opportunities available to you as a professional trainer.

Having a command of both the training design and delivery process right through from planning to evaluation enables you to offer a complete solution to clients.

2. Make Your Life Easier

2. Make your life easier

Possessing a well-rounded knowledge of all 4 stages of the training cycle makes you a more confident and capable trainer.

You can answer a wider variety of questions, understand your students’ needs better, and draw upon a broader spectrum of skills.

3. Get an Award

3. Achieve a Special Purpose Award

If you already have a Training Delivery & Evaluation certification, you only need Training Needs Identification & Design to automatically achieve the QQI Special Purpose Award in Training & Development.

This award is hugely beneficial for those who want to make a career of professional training or who require a comprehensive training knowledge.

Learn more about the Special Purpose Award

Ready for Training Needs Identification & Design?

If you’re ready to take your next training development step, here is some key information about Training Needs Identification & Design:

  • 3 days, live virtual training
  • QQI Level 6 award, code: 6N3325
  • No experience needed
  • You don’t need to already have Training Delivery & Evaluation. You can begin with this course.
  • This course is currently available at the 25% discounted rate of €449, including certification.
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Save Your Space @ 25% Off

With just 2 dates and a handful of places remaining for Training Needs Identification & Design in 2022, this course has had quite a year!

You can save a provisional space on one of our upcoming dates by clicking "Reserve" on your preferred date below.

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Advice for Your Training Development

If you’re not sure where to begin, we can help.

Our consultants are very experienced with both Train the Trainer courses and can offer guidance on which is the right option for your next steps.

You can call us directly at Freephone 1800 910 810 or Dublin 01 861 0700. Alternatively, get in touch online using the buttons below.

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Training Needs Identification & Design Course

  • Certification: QQI Level 6
  • Award Code: 6N3325
  • Suits: All levels and industries
  • Locations: Dublin, Online, Onsite
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