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Budgeting and Forecasting Training Course

This Budgeting and Forecasting course is designed to help you understand basic accounts, and learn how to budget and plan ahead financially. You will gain confidence, helpful guidelines, and tips on how to prepare an effective budget.

This workshop is suitable for all industries and every experience level. We run the course as a tailored, group or in-company training solution. This enables us to focus on the goals and day-to-day priorities of your company. You can request a quotation or consultation by clicking "Get In-Company Quote" below.

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How will this Budgeting and Forecasting Course Benefit your Business?

  • Practical Guidelines & Handy Tips

    Our trainers are experienced in creating and implementing effective budgets. During this course, they share their guide to creating budgets that work, and provide helpful tips on planning your budget.
  • Understand Budgets, Basic Accounting, and Terminology

    Understanding the basics is the key to creating budgets that work efficiently. In addition to the fundamentals of accounting and budgeting, we also cover budgeting terminology to help you navigate financial documents with ease.
  • Confidence to Implement

    This Budgeting and Forecasting course gives you skills and knowledge that you can apply immediately.

What is covered on this Budgeting & Forecasting Course?

  • Budgeting Fundamentals
  • Budgeting Terminology
  • Creating a sales forecast
  • Creating a cost forecast
  • Understanding cost behaviour - fixed and variable costs
  • Creating a profit and loss account / income statement budget
  • Creating a cashflow budget
  • How credit control impacts on cash management
  • Incremental budgets versus zero based budgets
  • Limiting factors - impact on budgets

Progress Your Team's Growth

There are a number of courses that compliment the skills covered in this workshop. Here is a short selection of other courses you may wish to combine with Budgeting and Forecasting, or schedule as a follow-on training programme:

Customised Group Training

This Budgeting and Forecasting course is operated for tailored in-company (on-site) training only. The programme is particularly suited to a focused group with similar backgrounds and goals.

There are many benefits to choosing in-company training. Here are some of the top reasons to choose customised, in-house delivery for your team:

  • Flexibility:

    You choose the date and venue.
  • Cost-Effective:

    Potential savings of up to 60% on public course prices.
  • Focused:

    Tailored to meet your needs and focused around your team's challenges and goals.
  • Morale & Motivation Boost:

    Attending an in-house training programme promotes productivity and team building in many ways.

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