Change Management Course Cork

Managing Change in Your Organisation

Whether your company is facing minor changes or a complete transformation, our Change Management Workshop will help you make the transition successfully.

This is an in-company programme, available for companies of all sizes in Cork. You can request an in-company quotation by clicking below. If you would prefer to attend a public course covering similar skills, you can find more information in the "Public Course Options" below.

  • Benefits of Change Management Training
  • Public Course Options

Why Choose Change Management Training?

Handling change of any kind can be tricky and demanding. Our tailored, in-company Change Management workshops are designed to support you throughout any kind of change. This workshop is suited to companies of all sizes, and in every sector as we customise the course content to address challenges you and your team are facing.

Skills covered include:

  • Understanding what type of change you are facing - organisational or project change?
  • Deciding on the best strategy for tackling this change?
  • How to keep a consistent level of productivity during change.
  • How to communicate effectively and clearly, on a cross-level basis.

There are 3 ways to find out more: You can click below to download our course brochure or ask us a question, or call us on Freephone 1800 910 810.

Change Management Skills for Individuals

If you don't want to run this programme for a number of people, but have 1 or 2 managers who require support for a period of change in your organisation, we suggest attending one of the public courses below, which run throughout the year in Dublin.

QQI Managing People Course

3 Days - Dublin - QQI Certified

This 3-day course takes an in-depth look at core management skills, which are essential for navigating any major or minor change in an organisation.

Visit Course Webpage

QQI Project Management Training Course

4 Days - Dublin - QQI Certified

Good project management will help you balance the workload of managing change, and prioritise critical tasks with ease.

Visit Course Webpage

Communication Skills

2 Days - Dublin - Skills-focused

Strengthen your communication skills during this workshop, so that you can communicate with both your team and management easily.

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