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Executive PA Training Course

This Executive P.A. Course is designed to equip you with professional P.A. skills and help you work more efficiently. We give you expert tips on how to be the most effective P.A. you can be, and offer training that goes beyond the technical know-how of computer skills.

This course is exclusively available for in-company (on-site) bookings. If you would like to gain similar skills by attending a public course, you can learn more by reading through our Public Course Options below.

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What are the Benefits of this Executive P.A. Training Course?

  • Key Executive P.A. Skills

    This course focuses on equipping you with essential, versatile skills needed by all professional executive P.A.s.

  • Techniques for Time Management

    Your primary role as a P.A. is to organise and arrange the schedule of your employer, so that they can get their job done as effectively as possible. This includes a certain amount of "plate-spinning" on your behalf. Taking control of your time will help you to keep on top of everything with ease.

  • Strong Communication and Assertiveness Skills

    Learning how to communicate with clarity and brevity will make your day a lot easier. We also cover the best way to say 'no' while maintaining a professional tone.

  • Improved Confidence and Versatility

    Training inevitably leads to a greater sense of confidence in your own ability to handle any situation that comes your way during your role as an Executive P.A.

What is Covered during this Executive P.A. Training Course?

  • The Role of an Executive P.A.

    Being prepared to cope with the unexpected
    Planning and organising someone else's time with skill and sensitivity
    Organising small-scale projects

  • Time Management

    How to prepare for and deal with last minute arrangements and cancellation
    Handling the unexpected with ease
    Small-scale projects: stakeholders, scoping work, scheduling work

  • Assertiveness Skills

    How to say "no" without becoming intimidating or aggressive
    Learn how to handle any conflict
    Step-by-step guidelines on discussing how to solve a problem calmly and efficiently

  • Communication Skills

    Effective communication and the importance of body language
    Gain invaluable listening skills to help you be more responsive and well-organised
    How to successfully handle difficult people and situations
    How to maintain a professional telephone manner, even in times of stress

  • Key Executive P.A. Skills

    Remaining positive, motivated, and pro-active
    How to work for more than one person
    The importance of maintaining confidentiality
    Diary management
    Projecting an image of self-confidence and professionalism

Attend a Public Course

If you would like to attend a public course suited to an Executive P.A., we have a number of options below. You can read a brief overview on each recommended course, and click on the orange button below each course to visit the course webpage.

Communication Skills - 2 Days

Ensure you get your message across clearly, and learn how to walk the fine line between being assertive and aggressive when saying 'no'.

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Certified Project Management - 4 Days

If your P.A. role encompasses a lot of small-scale projects, such as organising events, we recommend gaining practical project management skills through this workshop.

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