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Lean Six Sigma Courses Dublin

Live Virtual Lean Six Sigma Courses Dublin

If you’re looking for a Lean Six Sigma course in Dublin - or anywhere in Ireland - our live virtual classroom training is the perfect solution.

We offer live virtual Lean Six Sigma Courses for all levels of experience. Our courses cover both the theoretical and practical side of Lean Six Sigma training. You can achieve both international and national certification following on from our courses.

The tabs below will give you a quick summary of each course we run in Dublin. You can also read about the benefits of Lean Six Sigma, find out how to choose the right course, and download our free PDF “Your Essential Guide to Lean Six Sigma”.

  • Our Public Courses
  • For Your Team
  • Why Lean Six Sigma?
  • Choose The Right Course

Our Public Courses in Dublin

We run Lean Six Sigma courses in Dublin all year round. We have given a short outline of our public courses here. These programmes are available for anyone to attend.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training

Duration: 5 Days Price: €950 (usually €1,095)

Our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course runs almost every month in Dublin. It's our most popular Lean Six Sigma programme, suitable for all levels of experience.

We recommend this course for anyone who wants to gain a solid understanding of lean and six sigma tools along with a recognised Green Belt certification.

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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training

Duration: 2 Days Price: €395 (usually €450)

If you would like a short, practical introduction to Lean Six Sigma that also equips you with certification, we recommend our Yellow Belt Course.

This course runs throughout the year in our Dublin training venues.

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Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Course

Duration: 15 Days Price: €4,995 (usually €7,495)

International Black Belt Certification is designed for experienced Lean Six Sigma practitioners. This focused programme equips participants with next level Six Sigma skills and knowledge.

This course runs twice a year in Dublin or as live virtual training and leads to an ASQ Certified Six Sigma Black Belt qualification. Each programme takes place over 5 months, with 5 x short instalments.

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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Want Some Guidance?

Why not click below to Download our Lean Six Sigma Guide, or Ask Us A Question about the perfect course for your career?

In-Company Lean Six Sigma Training in Dublin

If you would like to implement Lean Six Sigma processes across a department, or have a number of candidates for Lean Six Sigma training, in-company (on-site) training is a perfect training solution.

Choosing in-company training means that we can deliver the training at your premises, or a location you choose anywhere in Dublin. It also enables you to select training dates that suit your team and your business schedule.

In-Company Benefits

  • Save Money: Our in-company pricing structure is per day, rather than per person. This works out as a very cost-efficient method of training when you have a number of participants.
  • Save Time: By delivering training at your premises on a date that suits you, you eliminate travel time and minimise downtime and in productivity.
  • Maximise Impact: In-company training is tailored to address the particular needs and challenges of your business, thus enabling your team to gain maximum benefit from the training.

Our in-company Lean Six Sigma courses include:

  • Green Belt
  • Black Belt
  • Yellow Belt
  • FMEA
  • Lean Problem Solving
  • Process Improvement

You can click below to ask us a quick question online. To learn more about the benefits and process of in-company training, click the "in-company training" button.

What are the Benefits of Lean Six Sigma?

Lean and Six Sigma are complimentary methodologies which, when used together correctly, can drastically improve processes and save money in every organisation. Here are some of the key benefits of using Lean Six Sigma:

  • Reduced Waste

    Lean targets waste, enabling you to identify and cut any time, money, or product waste quickly and effectively.
  • Better Accuracy

    These methodologies focus on "right first time", designing every step of a process to reduce errors in a service or product.
  • Higher Productivity

    Streamlining processes and eliminating frustrating errors inevitably leads to a higher level of productivity and motivation in your team.
  • Sustainable Savings

    The savings that result from implementing lean six sigma are consistent and sustainable.
  • Increased Profitability

    When all of the above are in place, you will see a result of increased profitability from lean six sigma techniques.
  • Find Out More

    Read more about what you can achieve with Lean Six Sigma in our article, “Lean Six Sigma Savings and Benefits”, or by downloading our PDF essential guide to Lean Six Sigma.

Which Course is Right for Me?

The right course for you will depend on where you are with lean six sigma experience and knowledge. Your choice will also be informed by your circumstances and goals.

Here are some helpful guidelines to follow when deciding:

  • Is the training for me or for my team?

    Think about the requirement for training. If it’s something you would like to pursue for your own goals, take a look at our public courses.

    If you feel that your team might benefit from some process improvement skills, our in-company training options can be tailored to fit your exact needs.
  • How much do I already know?

    Brand new to Lean Six Sigma? Our Yellow Belt or Green Belt Course is the way to go.

    Plenty of experience? Take a look at our Black Belt Course.

    Somewhere in between? We recommend reading through both course brochures, or getting in touch with us to discuss the right option.
  • What do I want to achieve?

    There are many benefits to completing lean six sigma training. Getting clear about your goals will help to guide your decision. Consider what’s most important for you to take away from this training.

Still Unsure?

If you’re still not sure what the right lean six sigma training and certification path is for you, we are happy to help.

You can phone our training consultants at Freephone 1800 910 810 or use the “Request a Call Back” button below to get in touch with our team by phone. If you would prefer to send us your question online, the “Which Course For Me?” button will give the opportunity to give us more details about your experience.

Download Your Guide to Lean Six Sigma

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our public Lean Six Sigma courses in Dublin take place in venues outside the city centre and close to the M50. All venues provide free parking for delegates.

If you need training for your team, we can come to your location anywhere in Dublin.

Certification costs vary depending on which option you choose. For example, our Green Belt certification and training come in at €1, 095. Our shorter, Yellow Belt course is just €450. Black Belt certification involves more software, training, and examination costs. It is priced at €7, 495 (including all software, training and certification fees).

There are 5 main six sigma belts: white, yellow, green, black, and master black belt. You can read more about these different belt levels and roles in our popular article, “Lean Six Sigma Belts and Roles”.

Choosing the right course depends on asking the right questions and getting the best possible guidance. Take 2 minutes to read the “Choose the Right Course” tab on this page, then get in touch with our training consultants for tailored advice.

Yes, we deliver many customised Lean Six Sigma courses for clients in Dublin and all over Ireland. These courses can include certification or be delivered with a purely “skills-based” approach.

No experience is needed for our Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt or Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course. It’s an excellent choice for anyone who wants to understand Lean Six Sigma and begin gaining confidence in its use.