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Lean Six Sigma Training Ireland

Looking for a Lean Six Sigma Course in Ireland?

We offer Lean Six Sigma courses in Ireland for all levels of experience. We have training and certification options for those both new to and experienced with Lean Six Sigma.

All of our Lean Six Sigma courses are available in live virtual classroom training format - meaning you can connect to training from anywhere in Ireland.

You'll find information about the courses, certifications, and training formats we offer in the tabs below. You can also download our free, Essential Guide to Lean Six Sigma to learn more about lean six sigma and choosing the best course for your career.

  • Training for You
  • Training for Your Team
  • What are the Benefits?

Dates in Dublin Every Month

All of our Lean Six Sigma Courses run as live virtual classroom training. This means that you can connect to live training from any location in Ireland or abroad.

lean six sigma yellow belt

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Course

2 Days - All Experience Levels

If you would like a short, focused introduction to Lean that equips you with solid knowledge, usable skills, and a certification, we recommend our 2-day Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Course.

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lean six sigma green belt

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course

5 Days - All Experience Levels

Our most popular Lean Six Sigma course and certification is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to get to grips with lean methods and gain an understanding of six sigma tools, while achieving a recognised QQI certification.

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lean six sigma black belt

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Course

14 Days - Experience with process improvement needed

This exam preparation course for International ASQ Black Belt certification is recommended for experienced lean six sigma practitioners who are ready to up their game.

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Which Course is Right for You?

If you’re not sure which course is right for you, we can help. Get in touch with our training consultants, either by calling Freephone 1800 910 810 (Monday – Friday), or by clicking “Which Course for Me?” below.

You can also download our free PDF guide to Lean Six Sigma. This guide provides some background information on Lean Six Sigma along with guidance on what course is right for your needs.

In-House Training Anywhere in Ireland

We deliver Lean Six Sigma as an in-company programme to clients throughout Ireland.

Businesses of all sizes and in all sectors are adapting the process improvement tools of Lean and Six sigma to save money and improve productivity across their organisation.

By choosing to run an in-company programme, you can greater flexibility, and higher impact. In-company training means that we come to your premises, and deliver training exclusively to your team.

  • Flexibility:

    You choose the training dates, meaning that you can add training to your business schedule with minimum disruption.
  • Consistency:

    By delivering lean six sigma training to your entire team, you ensure that everyone has the same level of competency and understanding of how to implement these tools.
  • Value:

    Our in-company "per day" pricing model works out as an extremely cost-effective choice when you have a requirement to train several or all of your team in lean six sigma methods.
  • Targeted Training:

    We will customise the course content to address the day-to-day processes and challenges of your organisation.

What Courses are Available for In-Company Training?

Our suite of Lean Six Sigma courses for in-company training is wide and varied. In addition to the Yellow, Green, and Black Belt programmes, we also offer shorter workshops. These include Lean Problem Solving, Process Mapping Skills, and FMEA.

Why Use Lean Six Sigma?

There are so many advantages to using a Lean Six Sigma approach to your work. We have highlighted some of the key benefits below, but you can dive into this subject more deeply by reading our popular articles, “What is Lean Six Sigma?” and “Lean Six Sigma Savings and Benefits”.

5 Benefits of Lean Six Sigma

  • 1. Less Waste

    Lean aims to remove waste from every process. Lean tools help you to identify areas of waste and eliminate them from a process.
  • 2. Increased Efficiency

    By streamlining and improving processes, your team will be able to function at a higher level of productivity.
  • 3. Consistent Quality

    Six Sigma aims to reduce variations and defects. One of the by-products of this is a standard of consistent quality.
  • 4. Sustainable Savings

    The savings you’ll make through a solid lean six sigma approach should be sustainable.
  • 5. Higher Team Morale

    Lean Six Sigma provides a smarter, more productive way to work. This leads to better results and a happier, more satisfied team all round.

Get Started

If Lean Six Sigma sounds like something that would work well for you, your team, or your business, why not get started today?

Click the “Green Belt” button to learn more about our popular Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course designed for those who are new to process improvement.

To find out how we could tailor Lean Six Sigma training for your team, click the “Get a Quote” button below.

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