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Management Solutions - Understand Your Role as a Manager

A Series of Guides & Tips for Effective Managers

A manager’s role can seem like a piece of string. Stick with me here… you know the phase “how long is a piece of string?”?

Well, some managers feel that “how long is a piece of string?” is the answer to their question “what does my role encompass?”.

The truth is that there will always be some grey areas of management roles – it’s just the nature of the job. However, you can get a good level of clarity and definition about what’s expected in your role, and what kind of manager you want to be.

Week 5: Understand Your Role as a Manager

The Problem:

"My role is unclear. I don’t understand my responsibilities as a manager."

Let’s Break it Down:

This issue frequently occurs for new managers, or those who have grown into a role.

Sometimes a vagueness occurs that leaves you wondering what’s expected of you and your team.

Your 3 Step Solution

Your Management Clarity Starts Here

5 minutes

1. Read Up Now:

Taking a few minutes to read through these 3 management articles can help you find your footing amd feel more confident in your current role.

3 days

2. Fine Tune Your Skills:

Begin by learning more about management roles in general, and what kind of management style suits you in particular.

We cover this in detail in both of our most popular management courses:

QQI Managing People (3 Days – Certified)

Module 1: Your Role as a Manager

  • Qualities of a good manager
  • The difference between a manager and a leader
  • Understand different management styles and their impact on staff
  • Learning how to fit your role

Management Skills (2 Days – UnCertified)

Module 1: Management Styles

  • The qualities of a good manager
  • Understand different management styles and their impact on staff

3. Practise and Reflect:

Once you’ve worked out your style, take a little time to outline what you consider to be your responsibilities and goals.

Once you’re happy with this list, schedule a chat with your manager to set clearly defined goalposts for your role.
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