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Good Management Skills - Want to Improve Your Management Skills Fast? 10 Tips + PDF Guide

Good Management Skills: 10 Ways to be a Better Manager

Management is one of the most challenging roles anyone can undertake. In fact, many people become managers because they are good at their job, not necessarily because they have any management experience.

Without proper training and support, it can be difficult to make the transition and develop good management skills.

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We've given you our best tips on how to up your management game, and ways to put these hints into practice immediately. You can also click the "Download Brochure" buttons to receive our PDF Guide to Management Courses and Certifications.

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10 Ways to Be a Better Manager

How to Be A Better Manager: 10 Ways You Can Start

1. First and foremost, be a leader

People are more productive when they are motivated and inspired. That’s why the best managers lead by example. They encourage their teams to achieve consistently and demonstrate a positive, productive attitude.

2. Master Time Management Skills

Do you ever feel like the days just get away from you and you can’t achieve what you need to? Getting to grips with time management will ensure you have time to complete essential tasks and provide your team with support.

3. Keep an Open Mind

Listen to your team’s ideas. Be open to suggestions and alternative approaches to a project. Not only will you empower your team, you may just find the most unique, efficient way to accomplish the task at hand.

4. Be Clear

Deliver a clear message about where your team’s focus should lie. Set goals, underline priorities, and support your team in maintaining focus to keep energy and productivity boosted.

5. Address Conflict

It’s not the most pleasant aspect of being a manager, but understanding how to deal with conflict and maintaining a proactive approach to handling sticky issues will help your department run smoothly.

6. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate...

A team kept in the dark will quickly lose motivation and direction. It’s important to keep your team informed of events, and encourage an open channel of communication with each team member.

7. ... But don't forget to Listen

Part of great communication is taking time to really listen to what others say. By giving your colleagues the respect of listening attentively, you’ll build strong relationships and understand their point of view.

8. Invest in your Team

Take time to give regular feedback sessions, check in with how each team member is feeling and address any challenges they may be facing. They will appreciate your support.

9. Identify Strengths & Areas for Improvement

This applies to your team and to you as a manager. By understanding where your strengths lie, you can use them to advantage and work on areas for improvement.

10. Continuous Professional Growth

The minute you stop learning, you stop growing in skill and expertise as a manager. The most successful managers continually invest time and effort in personal and professional development through training.
Achieving a Quick Win

Action Plans: How Can You Achieve a Quick Win?

How are you going to achieve this new level of management skill? Here are 5 action points to get you started on the road to being the best leader you can be.

1. Time Management

Begin tracking how your time is spent each day.
Time Management

2. Invest in Your Team

Set up a 1-to-1 with each member of your team.
Invest In Your Team

3. Be Clear and Communicate

Communicate current priorities clearly to your team.

4. Identify Strengths and Areas for Improvement

Schedule time to review each aspect of your department.
Identify Areas for Improvement

5. Continuous Professional Growth

Invest time and resources in training for you and your team.
Continuous Professional Growth

Upgrade Your Management Skills Fast

Without the guidance and structure you'll gain from attending training, it can be difficult to make a lasting improvement to your management skills.

Take a look at our 1-minute video below to get a sense of what you'll gain from our 2-Day Management Training Course.

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