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Time Management Training Course

This Time Management course is recommended for anyone who has a need to manage their day more effectively. It can often feel like there are not enough hours in the day. Taking 1 day to attend this workshop and learn handy skills that you can put into action immediately will help you address any time management stress you may have.

This course is exclusively available for in-company training. We tailor the course content with each delivery, so that the training reflects challenges and goals of your team, and relevant to your organisation.

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What Are The Benefits of Effective Time Management?

There so many benefits to attending this course and continuing to develop your time management skills. Here are just a few benefits you will see if you apply the skills you learn to an action plan:

  • Higher Productivity

  • Lower Stress

  • A Reputation for Reliability

  • Improved Accuracy

  • More Free Time and More Options

  • Lean How to Prioritise

What is covered on this Time Management Course?

  • Your Daily Tasks

    "Chance favours the prepared mind" : The value of planning your day
    Self-analysis: How wisely do you manage your time?
    Learn to prioritise tasks
    Distinguish between importance and urgency

  • Time Management Rules

    Goal Setting: Learn about the benefits of identifying and pursuing clear objectives
    The importance of creating and maintaining a to-do list
    Prioritising rational, logical thinking over emotional reaction
    Saving telephone time: Planning a call in advance

  • Delegation and Working to Deadlines

    Discover how to delegate effectively and share work so that everyone benefits
    Learning to say no: How to deal with inappropriate requests for your time
    Eliminating time waste and unnecessary interruptions
    Working effectively under pressure
    Learn how to identify and deal with procrastination - the thief of time!

  • Action Plans

    Creating a plan to put your learning into action instantly

How Can I Improve Time Management Across My Organisation?

By choosing an in-company Time Management training option, you gain the opportunity to tailor the course content around particular goals and challenges relevant to your organisation.

Our in-house, or group training process includes a detailed Training Needs Analysis (TNA), where we will define your aims and objectives for training and discuss any obstacles you would like to address during the training session.

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