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People Management Courses Dublin

Get the Skills to Manage Others with Confidence

"QQI Managing People" is one of our most popular management courses, as it gives you practical management guidelines and leads to a QQI Level 6 certificate in Managing People.

This course covers essential management skills and helps to develop your confidence as a manager. We run Managing People throughout the year in Dublin, with each date available for individuals to attend.

  • What are the Benefits?
  • People Management for Your Team

Why Attend this QQI Managing People Course?

Here are some of the key benefits you'll gain from attending this course:

  • Understand People Management

    We look at the role and responsibilities of those who manage others. You'll become familiar with different styles, and the relevant legislation you need to know as a manager.
  • Sharpen Your Communication Skills

    Communication is the secret weapon of all effective managers. It's important to learn how to communicate both with your team and with other managers and leaders.
  • Excel at Team Motivation

    Another powerful skill. Successful people management is achieved through building a thriving and productive team culture. We teach you how to motivate your team, maintain a high level of enthusiasm, and address any low morale issues that may crop up.
  • Resolve Conflict with Ease

    It's never enjoyable, but with training and practice, resolving conflict or any performance issues that occur can become a lot easier. We dedicate a section of our people management training to this worthwhile toolkit.
  • Find Your Style and Build Confidence

    When you understand what management style works best for your personality, and are confident in your understanding of how to implement best-practice management techniques, you'll be performing at your highest level.

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In-Company Training Dublin: People Management

We also offer the option of running Managing People as a tailored, in-company (on-site) training course.

This option is ideal for up-skilling an entire management team in the most time-efficient, cost-effective way possible.

Our trainer will come to wherever you are located in Dublin, and deliver training exclusively to your team.

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