8 Reasons to Get PRINCE2® Certified

On the fence about PRINCE2® Certification?

Here are our top 8 reasons to go for it…

1. Popularity: Everyone knows PRINCE2®

PRINCE2® is one of the best-known project management certifications in the industry.

When you’re PRINCE2® certified, you won’t run into any issues where potential employers don't recognise your qualifications.

2. Global Recognition: It’s a certification you can travel with

The PRINCE2® methodology is utilised on a global scale, giving you the freedom to work anywhere in the world your career or lifestyle takes you.
Global Recognition

3. Credibility: Many organisations mandate its use

In fact, the popularity of PRINCE2® is so widespread that there are many large multi-national organisations and government agencies that only use PRINCE2® for project work.

4. Versatility: You won’t get pigeon-holed in any sector

The skill-set and capabilities you gain with PRINCE2® can be transferred into any industry. You’ll have the opportunity to go for fresh challenges in new sectors.

5. Compatibility: PRINCE2® plays nice with other methodologies

Agile, Scrum and Lean thinking are rising rapidly in the popularity stakes. It’s reassuring to know that PRINCE2® can be used alongside, and in harmony with these project management methodologies.

6. A Bright Solution: Using PRINCE2® makes running your projects easier

This is the whole point of any project management methodology right? PRINCE2® is structured yet flexible, with clearly defined roles and processes that make your project run smoothly.
A Bright Solution

7. Flexibility: You choose how you get certified

You can achieve both PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner certifications in the same week, or choose to start with Foundation level, returning to do Practitioner at a later stage.

8. Achievability: You could be certified by this time next month

It’s true, you’ll need to focus intensively on PRINCE2® for the week of training, and complete some pre-course familiarisation reading, but you can achieve both PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner certifications during our 5-day exam preparation course.
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Ready for PRINCE2® Certification Now?

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Are you fired up for your PRINCE2 certification now? OK, let’s do it in 4 steps ...

  • Step 1: Reserve Your Place

    Click below to reserve your place on one of our upcoming PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner exam preparation course dates.

    We have dates available almost every month, but each course fills up fast. Reserving your place is the best way to fast-track your PRINCE2® certification.
  • Step 2: Pre-Course Reading

    Once your booking is confirmed, we will make sure you get access to the pre-course familiarisation reading within 28 days of your course start date.
  • Step 3: Attend Training & Sit Exams

    Our intensive training helps you to prepare for your exams with focus and guidance from our experienced trainers.

    You’ll complete the Foundation Exam on Day 3 and the Practitioner Exam on Day 5 of training. Learn more…
  • Step 4: Achieve Your PRINCE2® Certifications

    That’s it! If you’ve passed your exams, you’ll be a qualified PRINCE2® Practitioner, ready to take on the world!
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