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In this article, we answer the question “What is PRINCE2® Certification?”, explore the top 8 reasons to get PRINCE2® certified, and outline the fastest way for you to get certified.

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What is PRINCE2® Certification?

PRINCE2® is a project management methodology ideally suited to managing projects in a structured yet customisable way. It originated in 1989 and over the years has gained widespread popularity, particularly with government agencies and large, multinational organisations.

PRINCE2® certification can be achieved through covering the syllabus outlined in the manual “Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2® publication, Sixth Edition, AXELOS Limited, Copyright 2017” and succesfully completing the relevant exam(s). The manual, created by AXELOS (the owners of PRINCE2®) includes everything you need to learn to understand this methodology.

PRINCE2® Foundation and PRINCE2® Practitioner are the The two most popular PRINCE2® certifications. Here are the ways you can achieve these certifications.

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Read our article, "What is PRINCE2 Project Management?" to learn more about the origins and workings of this project management methodology.

8 Reasons to Get PRINCE2® Certified

There are many reasons you might wish to work towards a PRINCE2® Certification. Here are our top 8 reasons to go for it…

1. Popularity: Everyone knows PRINCE2®

PRINCE2® is one of the best-known project management certifications worldwide.

When you’re PRINCE2® certified, you won’t run into any issues where potential employers don't recognise your qualifications.

2. Global Recognition: It’s a certification you can travel with

The PRINCE2® methodology is utilised on a global scale, giving you the freedom to work anywhere in the world your career or lifestyle takes you.
Global Recognition

3. Credibility: Many organisations mandate its use

In fact, the popularity of PRINCE2® is so widespread that there are many large multi-national organisations and government agencies that use only PRINCE2® for project work.

4. Versatility: You won’t get pigeon-holed in any sector

The skill-set and capabilities you gain with PRINCE2® can be transferred into any industry. You’ll have the opportunity to go for fresh challenges in new sectors.

5. Compatibility: PRINCE2® plays nice with other methodologies

Agile, Scrum and Lean thinking are rising rapidly in the popularity stakes. It’s reassuring to know that PRINCE2® can be used alongside, and in harmony with these project management methodologies.

6. A Bright Solution: Using PRINCE2® makes running your projects easier

This is the whole point of any project management methodology right? PRINCE2® is structured yet flexible, with clearly defined roles and processes that make your project run smoothly.
A Bright Solution

7. Flexibility: You choose how you get certified

You can achieve both PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner certifications in the same week, or choose to start with Foundation level, returning to do Practitioner at a later stage.

8. Achievability: You could be certified by this time next month

It’s true, you’ll need to focus intensively on PRINCE2® for the week of training, and complete study in the evenings, but you can achieve both PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner certifications within a week.

“How do I get a PRINCE2® Certification?”

  • Step 1: Reserve Your Place

    Click below to reserve your place on one of our upcoming PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner exam preparation course dates.

    We have dates available almost every month, but each course fills up fast. Reserving your place is the best way to fast-track your PRINCE2® certification.
  • Step 2: Attend Training & Sit Exams

    Our intensive training helps you to prepare for your exams with focus and guidance from our experienced trainers.

    If you're attending classroom training, you’ll complete the Foundation Exam on Day 3 and the Practitioner Exam on Day 5 of training.

    If you're attending live virtual training, you'll schedule and sit the exams as it suits you outside of training.
  • Step 3: Achieve Your PRINCE2® Certifications

    That’s it! If you’ve passed your exams, you’ll be a qualified PRINCE2® Practitioner, ready to take on the world!
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