Ready for Black Belt?

Are You Ready to Become a Six Sigma Black Belt?

Originally published, 2018. Updated January 2022.

Becoming a Six Sigma Black Belt can transform your working life. It will present you with exciting new challenges and opportunities.

Skilled, certified Black Belts are extremely valuable in every sector. Deciding to get a Six Sigma Black Belt certification is a truly wise move for anyone experienced in process improvement.

We have seen such enthusiastic adoption of Lean Six Sigma and process improvement in the past decade, both in Ireland and internationally. Businesses everywhere need Six Sigma Black Belts to lead their organisations towards optimal performance.

This prompts one of the most common questions we hear about getting Black Belt certified: “Am I Ready?”.

We’ve compiled this article as a quick guide and checklist to help you answer that question and get started on the next step for your process improvement career.

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Covered in This Article

  • Remind me about Black Belts
    A quick synopsis of the role of black belts in any organisation and the characteristics they possess.
  • Answer these questions first
    Questions 1 and 2 on our checklist are the most important when deciding about a Black Belt certification.
  • Your complete checklist
    Once you’ve answered questions 1 and 2, take a few minutes to answer the remaining questions that will shape your next decision.
  • Why Do it?
    If you’ve answered “yes” to all relevant questions, but still need convincing that black belt is the right choice for you, glance over these key benefits.
  • Lift Off! Become a Six Sigma Black Belt
    Ready to be a Black Belt? Here’s how you can get started
  • New to Six Sigma?
    If you’re not quite ready for Black Belt level, but are keen to get going with six sigma training and certification, we have some handy resources for you.

Remind Me About Black Belts…

Before you embark on a training and certification journey to become a six sigma black belt, it can be helpful to review the role and its characteristics.

Six Sigma Black Belts are masters of process improvement. They possess a very advanced knowledge of how to utilise six sigma tools and run successful process improvement projects.

Black Belts work at a cross-functional level, overseeing projects and initiatives of all sizes. They will also mentor and support other belt levels (yellow and green) in achieving their goals.

10 Black Belt Characteristics
  • Process and cross-functional understanding

  • Exceptional communication skills

  • Ability to lead change

  • Advanced project management capabilities

  • Pro-active attitude to achieving goals and problem solving

  • Customer advocacy skills
  • Technical aptitude - computer competency, analytical skills

  • Motivation to produce sustainable results

  • Simultaneously leads and participates in process improvement projects

  • Ability to remain detail-orientated while focusing on the bigger picture

Answer These Questions First…

The first 2 questions on our checklist relate to eligibility requirements. As Black Belt is an advanced qualification, some experience is required.

  • Do you have experience working on or leading process improvement projects?

    This is crucial. Anyone seeking to achieve a Six Sigma Black Belt certification must have a solid amount of experience participating in and leading process improvement projects.
  • Have you achieved a Green Belt certification?

    It is not strictly essential to have achieved a lean six sigma green belt certification, but we find that many of our black belt candidates have already earned a green belt and subsequently built experience upon their qualification.

Unsure about your answers?

It’s not uncommon to be unsure about whether your level of experience is “black belt ready”.

We’re here to help. Get in touch with us by clicking below to Ask A Question, or contact our training consultants by phone at Freephone 1800 910 810.

Alternatively, you can download our PDF brochure to read the full eligbility requirements for our Lean Six Sigma Black Belt programme.

Your Complete Checklist…

Moving past the initial eligibility requirements, you want to be sure that this is the right qualification and knowledge set for your career.

We have built the checklist below to address the key abilities you will take away from black belt training.

  • Do you want to progress your knowledge of Six Sigma?
  • Do you feel you’re ready to go to the next level with what you can achieve through six sigma approaches?
  • Are you looking for a fresh challenge in process improvement?
  • Would you like to learn how to mentor others in process improvement roles?
  • Are you moving more towards a more strategic approach to improving how things are done in your business?

If you answer “yes” to all or most of the following, you’re definitely Black Belt ready…

Why Do It?

If you’ve ticked off the eligibility requirements and answered positively to most of the checklist questions, you might be asking yourself about the benefits of Black Belt certification.

Many of the benefits are evident from the questions asked above. However, if we had to whittle Black Belt Certification value down to 3 major benefits, we would choose these:

1. Solidify Your Credibility

Earning an internationally respected Six Sigma Black Belt Certification identifies you as having met high standards of capability and skill.

This is not only important for those who are seeking new career opportunities, but also for those who intend to stay within their current role.

If you are investing time and resource in a certification, you need reassurance that the syllabus and qualification are of a high calibre.


2. Expand Your Capability

Certification is a big factor in many people’s decision, but everyone wants to know what they’ll take away in terms of relevant, practical skills.

Throughout our Black Belt programme, participants acquire advanced process improvement techniques and develop the confidence to work with six sigma in a new way.


3. Discover a New Level of Achievement

If you’re familiar with Six Sigma, you will have heard about “low hanging fruit” and “sweet fruit”. These refer to stages of improvements and savings.

As you progress on your process improvement journey, you’ll want to aim for the sweet fruit, which is more challenging to obtain.

Black Belt practitioners are the ones who achieve the sweet fruit savings and improvements.


Lift Off! Become a Six Sigma Black Belt

Are you ready to become a Six Sigma Black Belt? Wonderful! Here are 3 ways you can get started

1. Download our Black Belt Brochure

Click below to visit our International Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course page or download your free PDF brochure.

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2. Reserve Your Place

With limited places available on each Black Belt programme, reserving your place is the best way to secure your spot on our next dates.

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3. Talk to Us

If you still have a few questions, why not click below to ask a quick question, or call our training consultants on Freephone 1800 910 810? We'll be happy to help.

New to Six Sigma?

If you’re interested in all of the benefits and skills we’re talking about here, but are new to the concept of Six Sigma, never fear! We have plenty of ways you can kick-start your Lean Six Sigma journey.

Get Yellow Belt Certified

Our Yellow Belt Course is perfect for beginners that want a short, practical introduction to Lean Six Sigma. It's just 2 days and gives you an insight into beginning to apply Lean methods to your work.

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Get Green Belt Certified

Our Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt is hugely popular. There are no eligibility requirements for this 5-day course. All you’ll need is an enthusiastic interest in getting confident with lean and six sigma tools.

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Further Reading and Resources

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If you’re unsure about the next step, click below to Ask Us A Question.

We’ll come back to you promptly with tips and guidance for your Six Sigma training.

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