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Build on Your Train the Trainer

Want to Build on Your Train the Trainer Certification?

Do you already have QQI Training Delivery and Evaluation certification (also known as “Train the Trainer Certification”)?

It's a really worthwhile qualification to have, but it can become even more valuable. You can build upon Training Delivery and Evaluation to achieve an even more robust training certification.

Here is the most efficient and popular way to progress your Train the Trainer certification:

If you have already achieved the sought-after Training Delivery and Evaluation certification, your next logical step is to complete QQI Training Needs Identification & Design.

We have seen a big increase in the number of Training Delivery and Evaluation students who also complete Training Needs Identification & Design to achieve the QQI Special Purpose Award.

Why Progress? Let’s take a look…

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What is QQI Training Needs Identification & Design?

Training Needs Identification & Design goes hand-in-hand with Training Delivery and Evaluation.

It is a separate, 3-day course that covers 2 of the 4 steps that make up The Training Cycle. Training Delivery & Evaluation covers the other 2 steps in the cycle.

Training Cycle Steps Covered in Training Needs Identification & Design:
  • Training needs analysis (TNA) methods
  • Training design skills

It's a popular choice for anyone who is serious about becoming a trainer, as these steps of the cycle are crucial for understanding your trainees' needs and creating engaging training sessions that have a real impact.

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Why Choose the QQI Special Purpose Award?

Once you have completed both courses and passed their assessments, you will automatically achieve the QQI Special Purpose Award in Training & Development.

This respected award:

  • Is recognised by clients and employers all over Ireland and farther afield.
  • Adds credibility to your training skills and capabilities.
  • Ensures you have a fully-rounded understanding of the skills needed by trainers.
  • Is an important asset for anyone considering a career as a professional trainer.

3 Ways Progression Helps Your Career (+ Further Reading Resources)

Here are 3 ways in which progressing your QQI Training Delivery and Evaluation will support and enhance your career and experiences as a trainer:

Confidence and Capability

You will be a more confident, capable trainer

Through completing both courses (Training Needs Identification & Design and Training Delivery and Evaluation), you cover the entire training cycle. This gives you a broad spectrum of professional training skills.

By spending additional time with expert tutor feedback and guidance, you will gain more confidence in your abilities as a trainer and your own style of training.

A Robust Certification

You will have a more robust training certification

Although QQI Training Delivery and Evaluation is a respected training qualification on its own, achieving the recognised QQI Special Purpose Award underlines the depth of your knowledge and abilities.

It reassures clients and potential employers of your scope and credibility as a trainer.

More Opportunities

There are more opportunities available to you

Completing QQI Training Needs Identification & Design can open more doors for job opportunities.

You will not only be able to successfully deliver engaging training courses, but also assess the needs of your client and design programmes that achieve your trainees' goals.

Further Reading Resources

The 3 articles below are excellent ways to learn more about Training Needs Identification & Design (TNID) and the QQI Special Purpose Award in under 15 minutes.

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Don’t have a Train the Trainer Certification?

We’ve got you covered…

We run Training Delivery & Evaluation at least once a month. You can view our upcoming dates, reserve a place, and download our PDF brochure below to learn more.

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Training Needs Identification & Design Course

  • Certification: QQI Level 6
  • Award Code: 6N3325
  • Suits: All levels and industries
  • Locations: Dublin, Online, Onsite
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