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Is PRINCE2 Worth Doing?

Is PRINCE2® Worth Doing?

Published 14th October 2020

“Is PRINCE2 worth it?”, “Should I do PRINCE2?”, and “Is PRINCE2 right for my career?” are common questions.

The PRINCE2 methodology has been consistently popular for decades. It is firmly on the radar of every practising or potential project manager.

  • Are you researching your next project management certification?
  • Perhaps you are considering a project management methodology for use in your business or team?
  • Are you interested in a career move to project management and wondering where to begin?

This article can help to answer the question “is PRINCE2 worth doing?” and steer you in the right direction.

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PRINCE2 Facts and Figures

Let’s begin by understanding just why PRINCE2 has been called “the world’s most practised project management methodology”.

This 100-second video from AXELOS, the owners of PRINCE2, is a useful overview of the methodology.

Global Recognition

The PRINCE2 methodology is used in 150 countries worldwide, in over 20,000 organisations.

Global Recognition


There are over 1 million PRINCE2 certified professionals and counting! The continuing demand for PRINCE2 has led to us running busy courses every month.

1 Million+ Certifications


88% of PRINCE2 certification holders said it has helped them in their career. (source)

88% have improved careers

All Projects, All Sizes

PRINCE2 can be successfully applied to any kind of project. It is designed to be easily scalable to fit projects of all sizes.

All projects, all sizes

Different sectors

PRINCE2 is used in almost every sector imaginable.

It’s equally effective in small to medium enterprises and larger organisations.

Different industries

Support for Tailoring

It is a truly supportive framework, incorporating guidance that helps you to tailor PRINCE2 to your project or working environment.



PRINCE2 ensures consistent language and terminology across businesses and project teams.

This is also very helpful for project managers moving between teams, clients, and organisations.

Consistent Language

Partners Well

PRINCE2 also works really well when combined with other methodologies. For example, PRINCE2 pairs beautifully with Agile and is considered complimentary to the Project Management Institute (PMI)® framework.

All projects, all sizes

Clarity of Roles

PRINCE2 is often favoured for its clarity of roles and responsibilities.

Within a PRINCE2 project everything is clearly outlined and communicated. There is no ambiguity about how tasks will be accomplished and by whom.

All projects, all sizes

Is Getting Certified Important?

According to the participants of a recent report, “The Power of Professional Certification” certification is extremely important.

The report was completed by Axelos. It surveyed 1,870 participants from 91 countries and 24 different industries.

Certification is knowledge and understanding quantified and underlined.

If you have successfully passed the PRINCE2 exam, it is a clear message to employers and clients about the calibre of your skill and capability.

Holding valid certification in a world-renowned methodology like PRINCE2 can make all the difference in winning clients or securing a new position.

In this report, 97% of decision-makers surveyed noted that certification brought better efficiency and a higher level of employee satisfaction.

Reasons for Getting Certified

Why do individuals and organisations prioritise achievement of respected certifications? Many of the reasons below are taken from “The Power of Professional Certification”.

  • In order to remain relevant
  • To maintain industry standards
  • To establish consistent project managment methods
  • For continuous improvement
  • To develop confidence
  • To acquire new skills
  • To bring about a better understanding of the role
  • For job satisfaction or team morale

It’s also interesting to note that we’re seeing more and more project managers opting to achieve two or more project management certifications, including Agile and Scrum options.

Why Choose Us for PRINCE2 Certification?

Reasons to Choose us for your PRINCE2 Certification

As an ATO (Accredited Training Organisation) with PeopleCert, we deliver quality-assured training and certification support.

For over 5 years, we have been offering focused, intensive PRINCE2 courses that achieve high first-time exam success rates.

We offer live virtual training dates every month. These exam preparation courses are delivered by PRINCE2 experts and include the cost of your exams and certification.

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