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Is PRINCE2 Right for you? 5 reasons this respected project management certification could be your best next step.

Are you thinking about PRINCE2®?

Originally published, July 2021, Updated June 2022

Sure, PRINCE2® is one of the world’s best-known and widely utilised project management methodologies, but why should you choose to use it?

How can PRINCE2® help your work and your career?

This article offers 5 reasons why PRINCE2® could be the perfect fit for your project management development. If you are thinking about PRINCE2® Certification, we can help you decide if it’s the right choice for your career.

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What is PRINCE2®?

If you’ve arrived here, simply because you have heard “PRINCE2® mentioned around project management subjects and you’re curious to learn more, here is a quick introduction.

PRINCE2® is a very structured yet flexible framework for managing almost any project.

It is one of the most popular, widely adopted project management methodologies on a global scale. It is particularly well-known and often mandated in Irish and UK-based companies.

You can read a more detailed introduction in our article, “What is PRINCE2®?” or download a complete companion with our PDF “PRINCE2®: Your Essential Guide”

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Download a PDF Guide

5 reasons PRINCE2® may be right for you


1. Opportunity

You are thinking of working in a large organisation, semi-state organisation, or public sector

PRINCE2® is widely utilised in the public sector and larger, multi-national organisations.

If you’re a career project manager or someone who manages projects as part of another role, having PRINCE2® certification under your belt is a major plus.


2. Reliability

You need a solid, scalable structure for projects

PRINCE2®’s reliable structure is one of the reasons for its global popularity.

The PRINCE2® framework is known for its solid, yet scalable structure. This makes it ideal for projects of all sizes, and in almost any environment.


3. Versatility

You want a more conventional approach that can be used with Agile

With the growth of Agile’s popularity in the past two decades and the changing nature of projects these days, it has become increasingly important to use a project management methodology that can work well with Agile.

PRINCE2® is known for its compatibility with Agile and other predictive and adaptive approaches to managing projects.


4. Time-Efficient

You want an efficient way to achieve an internationally recognised certification

With PRINCE2®, you can achieve certification in a short, focused timeframe.

There is a lot of material to cover, but with focus and a solid exam preparation course, you can train and achieve your PRINCE2® qualifications within two weeks.


5. Flexibility

You want to be trained in a project management framework that is used in many different sectors and organisations

PRINCE2® is used in almost every area of business and industry.

Its adaptability and scalability make it a natural choice for organisations everywhere.

How to Get Started

If PRINCE2® feels like a good fit for you, we recommend getting trained and certified as soon as possible.

Our 5-day exam preparation course is a focused approach to getting you ready to achieve both the PRINCE2® Foundation and PRINCE2® Practitioner certifications efficiently.

Quick Course Facts

  • There are no pre-requisites
  • Exams and certifications included
  • We offer dates throughout the year
  • Suitable for participants from all backgrounds
  • Our trainers are PRINCE2® experts
  • There is a break between Days 1 – 3 and Days 4 & 5
  • Currently available at €1, 425
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Standalone Certification

Although most of our students opt for both Foundation and Practitioner certification, we also offer each as a standalone course and certification package.

PRINCE2® Foundation

You can begin with PRINCE2® Foundation (3 days), with the option to return and progress to Practitioner level at a later date if you wish.

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PRINCE2® Practitioner

If you have already achieved PRINCE2® Foundation and are seeking Practitioner exam preparation and certification only, you can join any of our 2-day Practitioner courses.

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Get Tailored Advice

If you’re interested in PRINCE2®, but not sure where to begin, we can help. Get in touch with us for advice specific to your needs and situation.

You can reach our experienced training consultants by phone (Freephone 1800 910 810) or by asking a question online below.

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PRINCE2<sup>®</sup> Certification

PRINCE2® Course

  • Award: PRINCE2® Certification
  • Certificates: Foundation + Practitioner
  • Duration: 5 Days
  • Exams & Certification: Included
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