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Who Attends Train the Trainer Courses?

Train the Trainer: not only for professional trainers...

Train the Trainer courses are extremely popular. You might have heard the term “train the trainer” mentioned or have had someone recommend that you get a train the trainer certification.

Are you wondering whether Train the Trainer applies to your work? Is it something that could be right for your career?

In this short article, we take a look at the different types of people who attend Train the Trainer. You might be surprised to learn that this encompasses a variety of roles, and not just those who want to specialise in training...

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Regular Train the Trainer Attendees

Managers, Supervisors, Business Owners

Managers, Team Leaders, Business Owners

Training others is often part of daily life for managers, supervisors, and team leaders.

Anything from onboarding a new team member to training an entire department in a new procedure can fall under a manager’s remit.

For business owners, particularly in small or medium sized enterprises, it is beneficial to understand the fundamentals of training to assess whether outsourced training is required.

Possessing training needs identification skills can be extremely valuable for ongoing development of team members through coaching or mentoring.

HRM Professionals

HRM Professionals

In particular, HRM personnel need to be able to identify training needs for their colleagues.

It is important that they can identify gaps and recommend the right kind of training and development to bridge those gaps.

Many HRM professionals also have a requirement to design and deliver training in-house.

Anyone Training Others

Anyone who Trains Others as Part of Another Role

You may not be a manager or HR professional, but may still have training responsibilities within your role.

Many participants on our Train the Trainer courses are those who train others as part of an existing role.

Aspiring Trainers

Aspiring Trainers

If you want to specialise in training others, attending a structured, professional train the trainer course is a must.

Achieving recognised, relevant certification is also a crucial factor for bolstering your credibility and giving you a competitive edge with clients.

Experienced Trainers

Experienced Trainers

Often, those who are already certified and experienced in the field of training will attend one of our train the trainer courses as a refresher or to progress their skills.

For example, many trainers who hold the old “Train the Trainer” certification return to strengthen their training design capabilities with Training Needs Identification & Design.

Where is Train the Trainer used?

While learning and development is a sector in its own right, people from every industry require training skills.

We welcome participants from every area of business and industry on our public scheduled Train The Trainer courses and deliver specialised, in-company programmes for organisations of all kinds.

Do You Need A Train the Trainer Course?

If you fit into one of the categories above or your requirements match any of the following, Train the Trainer may be your next logical step:

  • You teach others small tasks or procedures regularly.
  • You are responsible for training teams or departments in your organisation in health and safety, new procedures, etc.
  • You would like to learn more about delivering engaging training to others.
  • You plan to become a professional trainer.
  • You have a requirement to design custom training sessions to address gaps in knowledge.
  • Part of your role involves working 1-to-1 with others on their continued professional development.

Still Unsure? Talk to Us…

If you’re still undecided as to whether Train the Trainer is your next step, we can help.

Our training consultants can offer advice specific to your goals and your situation.

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Find Your Train the Trainer Course

Getting started with Train the Trainer is easier than you might think.

We offer live, online courses every month. Each course is delivered in real time by experienced training professionals.

Our live, interactive format mirrors an in-person classroom where you can participate in discussions, ask questions, and receive supportive feedback from your tutor.

Here is a brief overview of our suite of Train the Trainer courses:

Training Delivery & Evaluation

This course is often simply called “Train the Trainer” as it is the most popular of this suite. Often, when there is a requirement for “Train the Trainer” certification, it is covered by this QQI Level 6 certification.

During this 4-day course (split over two weeks), you will gain confident, professional training delivery skills through combined theoretical and practical learning.

You will also learn how to apply evaluation models to accurately assess each session’s level of success.

You can learn more about this course and certification in our detailed PDF brochure.

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Training Needs Identification & Design

QQI Training Needs Identification & Design is a favourite with both full-time trainers and HRM professionals.

During this 3-day course, you will learn how to carry out an accurate training needs analysis (TNA) and to create engaging programmes using your findings.

Get into more detail on this course by downloading the PDF brochure.

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QQI Special Purpose Award in Training & Development

If you’re interested in becoming a training professional, achieving this Special Purpose Award is the way to go.

The award is comprised of both Training Delivery & Evaluation and Training Needs Identification & Design.

We offer a very flexible approach for those working towards this QQI Special Purpose Award. You can complete the two modules in whichever order you choose, with a break of several months in between if needed.

Get full details about the QQI Special Purpose Award in Training & Development in our PDF course brochure.

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Further Reading & Resources

Here are 3 next steps for your Train the Trainer research:

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Training Delivery and Evaluation Course

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