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How to Achieve Train the Trainer in 3 Steps

Originally published, September 2018. Updated January 2022.

As Train the Trainer is one of the most sought-after qualifications in Ireland, its certification process is something we are asked about regularly.

With our training process, there are just 3 steps to achieving your Train the Trainer certification.

In this short article, we outline those steps and give you a few quick tips on how you can get started.

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The guide includes an outline of what defines a good trainer, reasons to get certified, details on choosing the best course, and Train the Trainer FAQ.

Who gets Train the Trainer certified?

Getting skilled and certified is a must for anyone who trains others in any capacity.

For this reason, Train the Trainer is one of the most consistently popular certifications across all sectors.

It’s a skill-set and qualification beneficial to all. We frequently welcome people in the following roles on our Train the Trainer courses:

  • managers
  • business owners
  • HR professionals
  • team leaders
  • professional trainers
  • supervisors

Often, the role or title doesn’t really matter. The people who get Train the Trainer certified are those who have a requirement to train others.

This could mean on a larger scale, like a training course, or it could simply be training staff in workplace procedures.

In order to have a positive impact, it’s important to be familiar and confident with best practices for training others.

If you’re wondering whether this applies to you but would like some advice, we can help.

You can reach our experienced training consultants by phone (Freephone 1800 910 810), ask a question online, or request a call back below.

Choosing the Right Course

As a provider of Train The Trainer Courses, we know that we’re slightly biased here...

This is, however, a very important factor in your certification process. Take your time and find the right style of course to suit your needs.

Our courses are short and intensive, with a strong element of practical learning. They suit those who want to build confidence as they learn and come away with a high retention level of the skills gained.

A Quick Tip:

If you’re in the process of choosing your training provider, here is our checklist of 3 essential questions to ask:

Choosing the Right Course

“Train the Trainer” or “Training Delivery & Evaluation”?

The old FETAC course, “Train the Trainer” was deactivated in 2014 when FETAC became QQI (Quality and Qualifications Ireland).

What was previously covered on the Train the Trainer course is now split over two courses:

  1. QQI Training Delivery & Evaluation

  2. QQI Training Needs Identification & Design
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QQI Training Delivery & Evaluation is the closest in content to the old Train the Trainer Course. Therefore, most people still refer to it as “Train the Trainer”.

If you are seeking a “Train the Trainer” certification, this is likely the right course for you.

You can read more about the different courses available in our PDF guide, or speak with a member of our team about which option is right for you.

3 Steps to Achieving Your Certification

Step 1: Attend Training

Step 1: Attend Training

Most Train The Trainer courses run over a short, focused timeframe.

Our Training Delivery and Evaluation (also known as “the new Train the Trainer”) is a 4-day course. It runs as two consecutive days, then a short break, followed by the final two days.

The short break is extremely beneficial. During this break, participants can absorb their initial learning and prepare for the skills demonstration on the final course date.

During the course, participants immerse themselves in learning about crucial elements and tools within the Training Cycle. They also begin developing their own unique training style through practical learning.

A Quick Tip:

We recommend leaving your evenings as free as possible during the training course.

A full day of training is intensive. Leaving your evening clear gives you time to revise they day's learning and get some rest so that you’ll be recharged for the following day.

Step 2: Complete Assessment Work

Step 2: Assessment Work

Successfully completing the required assessment work is an essential part of achieving a Train the Trainer certification.

For Training Delivery & Evaluation, you must complete a skills demonstration (mini-training session), and two written assignments.

We provide all our delegates with a clear and detailed assessment brief, along with guidance and tips for getting the most from their assessment work.

With our course, the practical skills demonstration section of certification takes place on the last day of training.

You will have 8 weeks after the final day of your course to complete and submit your written assessment work.

A Quick Tip:

Get as much of your written assessment work as possible done in the initial days and weeks following training.

The information will flow much more easily, as it’s still fresh in your mind.

Step 3: Achieve Certification

Step 3: Achieve Certification

Once you have submitted your work on time and scored the marks needed to pass, you will achieve a Train the Trainer certification!

As with all QQI certifications, it will take a few months to receive your physical certificate.

Once you have gained your first Train the Trainer certification, why not think about progressing to the QQI Training and Development Special Purpose Award?

A Quick Tip

All relevant information about QQI certification timelines is outlined in our Learner Handbook. We provide every QQI course participant with a copy of this handbook.

We recommend taking a little time to review the handbook to gain a clear understanding of when you can expect your results.

Our Train the Trainer Courses

Our courses run throughout the year as live, online training.

This means that you can connect from anywhere to an interactive, trainer-led, classroom style course.

QQI Training Delivery & Evaluation – 4 Days

This is our most popular course. It is also often called "Train the Trainer".

This course covers essential training delivery skills and methods for evaluating the effectiveness of each training session you deliver.

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QQI Training Needs Identification & Design – 3 Days

With selected dates available during the year, this course always fills up quickly.

Here, you will cover a truly versatile skill-set: identifying training requirements and goals, and using that information to design engaging training sessions.

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QQI Special Purpose Award in Training & Development – 7 Days

This QQI Special Purpose Award is a great choice for anyone who is serious about becoming a trainer.

You can achieve this award by successfully completing the training and assessment work for both courses listed above.

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Train the Trainer Reading and Resources

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