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Management Courses Dublin - Get the Guide

Your Guide to Management Courses Dublin

Our management courses in Dublin are designed for supervisors, team leaders, and managers from all backgrounds.

We offer training in a broad spectrum of essential management skills. Each course equips you with knowledge and skills you can put into action immediately.

This article gives you a quick guide to our management courses in Dublin, for both individuals and teams.

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Live Virtual Training Dublin

Joining our Management Courses Dublin

Our public management courses in Dublin run every month as live virtual training classes.

“Live virtual training” means you will have a classroom-style experience online. Join real-time training delivered by our experienced management tutors.

You can interact with your fellow participants, ask questions, and get feedback from your trainer.

All you need to join our live online training is a steady internet connection and a computer, tablet, or smartphone with a web camera.

What are the benefits?

Here are some of the key benefits you'll gain from attending one of our Management Courses:

  • A Versatile Management Skillset

    The skills and knowledge you'll gain from our management courses are not confined to any industry.

    We teach techniques and theory that is practical for and relevant to all management roles.

  • Guidance & Advice from Expert Trainers

    Our trainers have a wealth of experience delivering management training and working as managers and leaders themselves.

    They will share the benefit of their experience with you as you develop your own style.

  • Motivational Techniques

    Leading and motivating teams is an essential part of successful management.

    Building relationships, motivational techniques, and addressing de-motivation are all covered during our Management Training and QQI People Management courses.

  • Problem Solving Abilities

    Tackling problems within your team may be the least pleasant part of a management role.

    However, with the right tools, you can learn how to handle problems quickly and effectively.

  • Stronger Communication Skills

    It makes sense to develop strong communication skills, as this will enhance all other elements of your management role.

    You will find that communication skills are a part of every management course we run.

    Our 1-day Communication Skills Course is a perfect choice if you would like to focus solely on developing this skillset.

Our Management Courses Dublin

The 5 courses listed below are our most popular public management courses, each with dates available throughout the year.

QQI People Management – 3 Days – Practical Skills + Certification

This comprehensive guide to management is ideal for anyone who wants to gain a strong set of management skills along with a respected QQI certification.

Modules include:

  • Motivation and team building
  • Organisational skills and planning
  • Managing performance
  • Coaching your team
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Management Training – 2 Days – Practical Skills

This 2-day, uncertified management course runs alongside the first two days of our QQI People Management Course.

We recommend this option for anyone who wants to build well-rounded management skills without getting certified.

Modules include:

  • Management styles
  • Motivation and team building
  • Communication and assertiveness
  • Organisational skills and planning
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QQI Management Coaching Course – 4 Days – Practical Skills + Certification

A wonderful choice for any manager seeking to understand how to coach team members to achieve their professional best.

Modules include:

  • Understanding coaching
  • Coaching tools
  • Essential coaching skills
  • Goal setting and action planning
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Communication Skills – 1 Day – Practical Skills

Our 1-day Communication Skills workshop helps you to develop stronger, more effective communication skills.

Modules include:

  • Understanding communication styles
  • Assertiveness
  • Handling conflict
  • Influencing skills
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QQI Certified Project Management – 4 Days – Practical Skills + Certification

Many managers contribute to or run projects within their teams and departments.

Our QQI Certified Project Management Course equips you with practical project management techniques that lead to projects that run more smoothly and achieve better results.

Modules include:

  • Project initiation and stakeholder management
  • Planning the project
  • Managing project teams
  • Executing, monitoring, and controlling the project
  • Closing the project
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Which Management Course Dublin?

Which Course is Right?

If you’re not sure which course is the right option for your management training, we can help.

Get in touch with our experienced consultants to discuss your goals and find the perfect fit for your management course.

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Getting Started

Getting Started: Management Courses for Individuals in Dublin

There are 3 ways to learn more and save your space on an upcoming course:

Get in Touch

1. Get in Touch

Contact us directly with any questions about our management courses Dublin.

You can reach us by phone (Freephone 1800 910 810). Alternatively, request a call back or ask a question using the buttons below.

Download a Brochure

2. Download a Brochure

Our course brochures contain detailed information such as a full course outline, benefits and delivery style insights, and how to get started.

You can download your preferred brochure in the “Our Management Courses Dublin” section above.

Visit the Webpage

3. Visit the Course Webpage

You will find pricing and dates, along with a lot of course information on each course webpage.

From here, you can download brochures, view upcoming dates, and reserve your place on a course.

Browse our Management Courses

Getting Started: Management Courses for Teams and Businesses in Dublin

All of our management courses are available as tailored, in-company training courses.

This means that we will come to your location, or a venue chosen by you anywhere in Dublin to deliver focused, customised training to your management team.

We can also deliver management training online in a live virtual classroom format. This is a great format for remote working teams or teams across different locations.

We can address specific challenges or goals you identify, or design the training around expanding the skills of the entire team.

In-Company Benefits Include:

  • Flexibility: You choose the training dates.

  • Convenience: We come to you or deliver training to your team online.

  • Value: Our in-company price model is cost-efficient.
Find Out More

Find Out More

You can find out more about our in-company management training options by using the links below. "Learn More" will bring you to the main in-company management training page.

By clicking "Get a Quote" you can ask us for advice about choosing the right management training solution for your needs.

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